Top 5 Residential Property Management Companies in London 2021

Top 5 Residential Property Management Companies in London 2021

Buy-to-let properties are among the most popular investments in London, as more young professionals move to the city for work. As a result, many residential property management companies in London have appeared to service the new demand. Successful property rental in London often relies on a landlord’s collaboration with a competent property manager.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 residential property management companies in London to help you find the right property management company for you.

1. The London Management Company

London Residential Property Managers, TLMC, manages luxury prime and super prime properties, and it has been known to protect the value and heritage of clients’ homes. The offices of the company are centrally located in London, which means they are able to reach all parts of the city conveniently. Having been around for more than ten years, the company has been able to gain intimate knowledge of the prime residences of the city.

Although this company is meant to serve landlords living in Central London, they will not hesitate to provide their services in other parts of London. They have also developed a network of reliable property management companies around the UK, so you can still shoot them a message if you need similar services outside London.

2. Essential Living

This is another excellent London property management company. Residents living in Essential Living’s properties note that the spaces are welcoming and friendly. The company primarily manages premium apartments, and these are typically located in well-connected neighbourhoods. Residents also note that the apartments are tastefully done and extremely spacious. Reviews indicate that tenants are extremely satisfied with the services of Essential Living.

3. Allsop Letting and Management

Allsops Letting and Management provides many different services in the property management sector. In addition to managing apartments and other properties, it engages in property consultancy. The company also invests heavily in real estate.

Some of the properties that are managed by Allsop Letting and Management include Duet, The Trilogy, and Vox, and all these are located in Manchester. Residents in properties that are managed by this company appreciate the flexible lease options, as well as the high-quality amenities. In addition, the properties are pet-friendly.

Some amenities offered in Allsops properties are a high-speed broadband internet connection, security, fitness centres, residents lounges, and round-the-clock concierge. The developments also have built-in wardrobes. For adequate lighting, the properties are also developed with floor to ceiling windows.

4. Dandara Living

Dandara Living was founded in 2016 and has quickly become one of the leading property management services in the United Kingdom. The company manages more than 5800 properties around the country.

One of their prized properties is Leodis Square, which is located in central Leeds. This particular property features studio apartments, as well as three-bedroom apartments. In this place, residents can enjoy amenities such as the on-site fitness centre and the large parking area. The company also organizes community events now and then.

Another excellent property managed by Dandara Living is Aston Place, and this one sits in central Birmingham. On this property, residents can rent studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments.

Here, residents can attend fitness classes in the on-site gym. Also, they can participate in different events on the property. From this place, it is quite simple to access amenities in the business and retail districts. It is just a few minutes from Birmingham New Street Station.

5. Greystar

Greystar is a world leader in the property management business, and it manages several developments in London. Some of the more famous properties under this company are Sailmakers in Canary Wharf, Charter Place in Hounslow, and No.16 in Sutton.

This company provides beautiful environs and world-class services. You will also be able to enjoy premium quality apartments, and these have excellent amenities that can only be accessed by residents. In the USA, Greystar manages close to half a million properties.

Residential Property Management Companies London Wrap Up

Finding a good property manager is a key part of being a landlord in London. There are lots of companies that can manage your property, and some of the best ones are The London Management Company, Essential Living, Allsop Letting and Management, and Dandara Living.

Although older companies are typically better at property management, you shouldn’t dismiss newer companies outright. Try and look at the feedback offered by other landlords and tenants before you settle on a particular property manager.

Although you might be able to manage your property, this might end up lowering your productivity. If you have a regular job, it is normally better to hire a property manager. It is important to familiarize yourself with the job of a property manager as this will help you determine whether you are capable of managing the place on your own.