Computers and IT Equipment relocations

Computers and IT Equipment relocations

Server relocation firm gives the needed support to the most significant technical aspect of any IT or computer equipment relocation assignment. The relocation service spans across every aspect of ICT-Information and Communications Technology, from IT relocation management and data back-up to communication infrastructure, Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), IT auditing, clinical cleaning to server room relocations and desktop PC removals.

If you have decided to relocate your business headquarters or office and you wish to relocate your IT equipment, computers or the whole of your local computer network as well as your server racks, you should give hiring professional IT equipment and server mover within your local vicinity some serious consideration. Not all moving companies have all it takes to give such IT and electronic equipment the professional handling they require. Moving your server, UPS units, computer screens, desktop printers, laptops, switches routers and floor-standing require the best moving equipment and special skills.

Our company can handle both shipping your server overseas and moving your IT equipment in the vicinity. As professionals in the office relocation business, we go the extra mile to make sure we provide you with the best IT equipment and server moving services.

We are very much aware of the very fragile nature of IT equipment and server and have well trained staffs on how best to carefully handle the packing and moving of such tools. When you hire professionals like us, you can be rest assured that your IT equipment and server are in very safe hands.

Dismantling and moving server racks

Our team of very dedicated and well trained professionals who specialize in dismantling and packaging server racks will team up with your team of IT specialists to ensure your IT equipment gets a hitch-free relocation. We are capable of moving both multiple and single servers, data centers, the entire racks, as well as any special rack mounted equipment anywhere within the United Kingdom. We equally provide excellent computer moving services from one locality to another or from one country to another.

Our support service team is one of the most efficient in the whole of the United Kingdom. So, in case you wish to make any enquiries, waste no more time to get in touch with members of our service support team. You will receive very satisfactory answers to all your IT equipment moving questions. Their customer service and human relationship are top-notch. You can always look forward to getting warm, civil and fast response from them.

Data Types

We are not saying we are all perfect and all-knowing, which explains why we are open to complaints. We have mandated our customer care agents to treat every complaint with a sense of urgency and importance. If you wish to make any complaints, they will give you immediate attention and resolve whatever issue you have. We are committed to your satisfaction.

If you ever want information concerning your shipment, simply get in touch with our dedicated support team to get very detailed information about your shipment status. As an alternative, you can make use of the tracking feature on our site.

If you want your IT equipment and server to be neatly dismantled and packaged with a touch of rare professionalism, our very experienced professionals will help you get it done. We are different from other IT Relocation with only burly bodied men that have little or no server and IT equipment knowledge on their team. While the others will still dismantle and have your IT equipment and server packaged and taken to wherever you want them, they will end up damaging some very sensitive tools since they do not make use of computer moving boxes and crates.

To make sure everything is intact with no recorded damage, it is our custom to hire professional IT personnel and give them the necessary trainings on the techniques required for dismantling and packaging different kinds of IT tools and servers. So, when you make us your choice IT equipment movers, you can be rest assured that your equipment are in safe hands since every member of our team understands the principles and functions of every tool they handle. They also understand the processes involved in disconnection and reconnections. This is what stands us out from the other IT equipment movers in the UK.

Pricing-How Much will you be charged for relocating your IT equipment and computers?

The nature of service you want determines how much you pay. Most moving companies offer very competitive price. Always negotiate with your chosen moving company to make sure you get the services you need at the most affordable rates. All computer and server moving costs are usually tailored to suit your specific needs and budgets. Find local and affordable computer movers anywhere in the UK.

Why should you trust professional movers, cheap and local server movers?

Only hire a moving company with several years moving experience, works only with experienced and well trained IT professionals and have some of the best storage facilities. Additionally, make sure they can provide their insurance certificates as evidence of being adequately covered by insurance. They can also provide reference to further prove they offer best quality shipping services.

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